UPS Department of Finance FOIL Request

In the hunt to get even more data showing the degree to which UPS is an extraordinary blocker of bike lanes in NYC, I filed the below FOIL request to the NYC Finance Department.

After the customary rejection and appeal, the finance department provided this response

  1. They are willing to provide data on UPS and non-UPS blocking of the bike lanes. However, they have decided it will cost 2k$. The searches can be accomplished by writing two SQL queries and would take any reasonably competent person 1 hour to retrieve the data.

  2. The response also indicated that while the bike lane tickets are supposed to be among a class, along with parking in front of a hydrant, that are non-amenable that they do have their dollar amount reduced for UPS.

We need the 2,002$ required to get the records from the finance department.

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