Setchell Carlson Tube Radio

Setchell Carlson Tube Radio: No Bolts or Screws

Consumer electronics products today are not meant to be fixed. This is an established topic, but it turns out it wasn’t always like that.

Setchell Carlson Tube Radio

When you first flip over the radio, inside is a schematic. It lists not only component values but a complete schematic.

Side 1

Side 2

Second interesting thing about this unit, is that there are no screw or bolts holding the base inside the plastic base. Instead there are just four posts, with spring loaded clips, which hold the case to the radio chasis.

Empty Posts in the Case

Posts holding Radio Chasis

I wonder if this design was chosen for ease of repair, ease of manufacturing or both.

As you can see. It doesnt look very good. Jenison is a much better painter than I.

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