Scale App, What was it?

In 2010, for my first iOS application I decided to aim a little high.

##The Premise: An app that can turn your iPhone into a scale.

##Result: An app that did not turn your iPhone into a scale.

##Idea: While the execution and feasibility might not have been great, I still like the idea. The idea was that by using the vibration motor in the iPhone we could apply a constant and known force to the iphone. By using the accelerometer we could measure the movement of that phone due to the force. The difference in movement from one set of runs to another would be based on the change in mass of the device: i.e. the more weight you piled on your iphone, the less it would move when it buzzed.

##Problem: The problems were many, the least of which was that it was my first application. But the major reason was that the movement was overly dependent on the friction and makeup of the table ( or other surface) the device was resting on. In addition, the accelerometer was sensitive enough to differentiate between a couple of pounds but the measurements were +/- pounds so not useful.

##The Icon

Funny Icon

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