Step 1 of HybridV2- Idea

##Hybrid for the Rest

Hybrid systems increase the efficiency of internal combustion engine vehicles. However, hybrids such as both the series and parallel units currently for sale add significantly to the price as well as weight of the units. In addition, they are currently marketed and created only for high end automobiles. However, the majority of the worlds population is riding around on scooters, motorcycles and bicycles not in high end automobiles yet. In order to create a hybrid for those consumers, the product has to add minimally to the cost and weight of the vehicle. In addition, the fuel efficiency of small engine vehicles is excellent to begin with. The problem is that as consumers become more affluent, they upgrade their engine sizes in order to overcome the lack of acceleration/ carry capacity of the smaller capacity engines. A greater overall efficiency gain will be achieved if a hybrid 50cc scooter for instance could not only be more efficient that a regular 50cc unit but also have greater acceleration so as to satisfy a consumer’s demand so that they do not trade up to a 100cc unit.

To create a hybrid for these consumers, the unit must meet the following

##How it Works

The hybrid operates by using a supercapacitor bank to store energy during braking to aid in acceleration when needed. This is very similar to how a variety of other hybrids work. The additional advancement of this unit is that because the supercapacitor bank charges and discharges rapidly, with excellent transfer efficiency, the unit also charges the capacitors during conditions where the user is demanding less than the maximum output of the engine. When the capacitor bank reaches full, the internal combustion engine is idled while the super capacitor bank is discharged. Why is this beneficial? Internal combustion engines have ranges of operating efficiency and reach a maximum efficiency point at higher levels of output. Lots of time spent, as happens during usual usage, at less than full throttle increases the inefficiency of the system. This hybrid increases the efficiency of the system by maintaining in the engine in the more efficient band of operation.

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