Upper Westside Community Board 7 Parking


Has some data https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0739456X221141317

  1. How many cars?
  2. How many private parking spots?
  3. In small buildings? Like curb cuts for single family? a. 138 West 83rd street - Jerry Seinfelds Cars (https://observer.com/2002/03/seinfeld-builds-a-parking-lot/) (20 spots) :) b.
  4. In large buildings? Check streeteasy for building perk. a. 365 West End Avenue ( Curb cut and have seen parking, under section between buildings) b.
  5. How many parking garage spots = 14615

There are 14615 allowable parking spots in commercial parking garages in CB7.

a. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Business/Legally-Operating-Businesses/ b. Select Active and Industry Garage & Parking Lot c. Roughly 14615

  1. In NYCHA? https://www.nychaparking.com/find-a-parking-lot/

a. Bethune Gardens - Lot 01 ( Not sure why the website says this is 105th, I dont think it is) b. Douglass Houses - Lot 01 ( 84 spots) c. Douglass Houses - Lot 04 ( 44 spots) d. Douglass Houses - Lot 03 ( 17 spots) e. Douglass Houses - Lot 06 ( 80 spots) f. Douglass Houses - Lot 01 (Cant find) g. Douglass Houses - Lot 05 (Cant find) h. Douglass Houses - Lot 02 (Cant find) i. 830 Amsterdam Avenue - Lot 01 (20 spots) j. DeHostos - Lot 01 ( 24 spots) k. WSURA Site B (indoor) - Lot 01 ( No idea, its underground, try calling?) l. WSURA Site C (indoor) - Lot 01 ( No idea, its underground, try calling?) m. Wise Towers (indoor) - Lot 01 ( 60 spots, is this the garage under the basketball court?) n. Amsterdam Addition (Indoor) - Lot 01 (No idea, try calling) o. Amsterdam Houses - Lot 01 - (100 spots)

  1. How many restricted curb parking spots?
  2. How many spots are there for teachers?
  3. How many paid curb parking spots?
  4. How many free curb parking spots?
  5. How many fire hydrant blocked spots are there?
  6. How many people say they own a car?
  7. How many people say they commute with that car?
  8. What is the income of people who own cars?
  9. What is the income of people who commute by car?
  10. Every Car related census table and shell table
  11. Can you see with ACS people who communte to district for work?
  12. Any other data sources like traffic? Car counters? Things like that?
  13. Link out to speeding, crash, etc data.
  14. Is there any data on electric charging locations? Gas stations?
  15. How many license plates on UWS are from out of state?
  16. Types of cars?
  17. Just using google maps satellite, can you see cars in other spots?i
  18. Weird parkings a. 240 west 65th street, CONED parking?
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