Bunk Beds

My parents now have 3 grandchildren with hopefully more on the way. So we decided to make some bunk beds. Bed holds 4 twin mattresses.


  1. Designed bed in Fusion360. All 2x4’s.
  2. I used the Kreg Pocket Hole System (https://amzn.to/34AIQ3F) with 1.5” coarse screws (https://amzn.to/34yPV4O). The system makes it pretty easy to screw together 2x4’s and make strong and attractive joints.
  3. Bought the wood, Mahogany, from local building supply.
  4. Used speed square to measure and mark lines (https://amzn.to/3vFKX21) and used ~100$ chop saw from amazon (https://amzn.to/34CBoFm) to cut the pieces to size from the plans.
  5. Squirted wood glue ( https://amzn.to/3fFF937) into the joints and then tightened the pocket screws, no clamps required. Note: Kreg recommends using fine thread screws for hardwood, but Amazon didnt have the 1.5” fine thread screws. In mahogony the coarse screws worked fine and didnt split the wood. I drilled pilot holes on a few joints where the wood was particularly tough, but otherwise just used the jig without pilot holes.


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