v.Tinkering/Messing Around- 2015

Lots of good things start with silly ideas. In around February of 2015 …

The following things came together to create v.Tinkering you see above.

*I bought and kind of learned how to ride a unicycle.

*I wanted a sub 100$ bicycle

*I wanted a small bicycle

*Things you build yourself > Things you buy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKEA_effect

I dont have any video of the cycle above. But we can see

*It doesnt have any gearing, so its too slow. TODO: Add gearing

*The seat is connected directly to the front fork and hence front wheel. To move the front wheel, you are pushing against the handlebars which are fixed to the frame and using your butt/legs to move the front fork. This almost worked. But the small adjustments that are needed to keep a cycle up were difficult to make when it was your legs not your hands doing the steering. There are some cycles which have almost this configuration such as the python recumbent. But I didn’t think I could make this arrangement easily rideable.

*It was small and light. And the total parts list was cheap. TODO: Keep this attribute

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