601 West End Avenue Electrification part 1

Electrifying a Upper West Side COOP Building

When I moved into 601 West End Avenue, I was happy to see our apartment had central A/C (40 amp) and 100 Amp 240 service to each apartment. The current heating is natural gas powered steam heating. When our building board announced that the boiler was having issues and that the building was preparing to replace the boiler, I reached out about instead electrifying, which lead to me joining the board and this whole series.

Below is the report I wrote a few months ago after doing a little investigation

Current State

601 West End Avenue, 13 stories, 2 apts per floor. ( There are 2 duplexes where apts are combined.)

Heating is currently steam heating with a 28HE boiler from 1996 with a heating coil for hot water.

Current boiler shows some signs of leaks. There was a large amount of leaking last winter, which may have been from the hot water system or boiler (The hot water system is still leaking out of the vent and now just continuously draining!!) “Leak Stop” was added to the boiler and it doesnt leak now.

The chimney for the boiler was determined to be in poor shape and upgrading the boiler would require a new chimney. The current quote to replace boiler and chimney is 460k$

Currently each apartment appears to have 100 amp , 240 v service ( based on looking at panels in the basement). It appears there is additional service to the common areas and also to the elevator. We dont know how to find the total service to the building, can we ask ConEd?

Most of the apartments have an old style fuse box, with the A/C powered off of disconnect located next to air handler.

Of the 26 apartments, currently 14 apartments have taken a survey on their AC/Heat- 11 of the apartments have Central A/C and 4 have through the wall PTACs ( Fridgedairs, etc). Each apartment has 5 radiators. Most apartments say they are too hot in winter except the penthouse. (Since then everyone has taken the survey, 70% of apartments have central A/C)

For the Central A/C the same company in 2003 installed the following units. The condenser is inserted into a PTAC opening. There are drop ceilings throughout the apartments where the A/C ducts run with vents into each room. (ncpe-430-4010 condenser and tzhslpst3017ja air handler)

Electric Heat

Local Law 97 (https://www.nyc.gov/site/sustainablebuildings/ll97/local-law-97.page) is a law in NYC with “The goal is to reduce the emissions produced by the city’s largest buildings 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.” 601 West End Avenues source of carbon emissions is the natural gas which we burn for heat and hot water. Our building produces 251 US Tons of CO2 in pollution per year (https://energy.cusp.nyu.edu/#/) plus other harmful pollution. The Statue of Liberty weighs about 250 tons, we emit the equivalent of a statue of liberty in CO2 per year. By 2030, NYC will begin a series of penalties that increase for our usage of gas. Instead of spending a roughly similar amount of money on upgrading the boiler and chimney with a new boiler that will last till at least 2050, we are looking to upgrade to electric heat use efficient heat pumps. We believe doing so will improve the comfort of our building ( choose your temperature, no clanking, leaking), improve the value of each apartment ( individually controlled heating&cooling central AC green system) and save our building money on our monthly costs.

We want to install individual heat pumps for each apartment on the roof. The current vents (IN RED) can be removed. The Blue circle is the current Penthouse heat pump.

We intend to have conduit ( electric and refrigerant, in RED) run up the side of the exterior wall from the apartments to the roof.

For existing central A/C apartments:

General If new breaker boxes are required for apartments, upgrade breaker boxes. If not, dont. We want to begin this work in October 2023 and complete it over the winter.

Financial Incentives



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